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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tuaran Crocodile Park - Part 2


the park also built a very decent bamboo house and with a big hall for the dance show.

The interior reminds me of a very traditional-style bamboo house. Which is prevalent in interior sabah tens of year ago. (not very long though).This must be preserved as this is one of the proud heritage of Sabahan.

Its very cool and spacious and comfortable.Even without TV, PC, Telephone,etc etc.

The stairs. Orientally sabahan style.

The outer verandah of the house (is it the right word). My English has gone from bad to worse lately.

The park also gave a traditional dance show. Sadly only 2 dancers turn out. Where are the rest?


In this category I will put two types of animals. DEAD and ALIVE.

I start from the dead ones.

This is a preserved buffalo. (is it). I forgot its name.

Perhaps this is a buffalo also.

A horse.

A goat.

And this is the picture of some very beautiful chinese clay-works (I dont know whether to call it porcelain or jars, or whether is even the right word to write).

All these are underneath the big beautiful bamboo+wooden made Hall.


The crocs a.k.a the boss. There are many crocs displayed in cages. Got smaller ones and big ones. I think I must have been pretty much disgusted that I only took 1 picture of a large croc relaxing under the tropical sun.

Small tortoises. The ones that pretty much must have defeated the Hare.



And I don't know the name of this one. I know that its under the "deer" family also.


This is among the landscapes that I managed to snap on that day.

A very tropical one.

Garden-style arrangement.

Greenish and smelly waters where the crocs thrives.

And this one too.

I really encourage all of you to visit this place.Its hot but its very good, plus, its still developing and I'm sure many more interesting stuffs will be around soon.

Forgot to tell, there's also a croc-leather handicraft sold at the main entrance of the park. The goods ranges from Croc's penis, gallbladder, egg, oil which cost a few hundred and some lady handbags made with croc's leather which costs a fortune. After all, a tiny handbag that I saw is sold at RM4K a piece. Isn't that a fortune?

Tuaran still has a lot of things to explore. The Beaches (Pantai Dalit), The Resorts (Rasa Ria Resort), and The Seafood restaurants scattered along. So make sure you'll visit Tuaran if u go to Sabah.

Ok, Till then bye.


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