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Sunday, August 24, 2008

KK City 2

Huh sorry guys...Just found the time to stroll along the "city" and took some pics..explanation will be brief but fellow sabahan will have no problem to identify it with themselves..come on you knew it..

Ahh..you knew it..CENTRE POINT!
No..I won't snap pictures inside it for the moment

These are among the proliferating foreign cafes in front of the waterfront...there's Australian Bar..Indian food and UK ones if i'm not mistaken...

I'm very sure this will lighten up vibrantly in the evening

A view in front of Warisan Plaza

Its good to see some trees are thriving ...then its right the municipal council call this a "nature city"

Yeah..the alley going to one of the cafes

Ahh.. needless to say where this is

Among the Newest part of KK..not to mention 1borneo

And this is the "Tugu Peringatan Malaysia" which is near the Gaya Street..
And the Bird is not real..really


Borneo Falcon said...

KK, as beautiful as usual

sumandak bayu said...

macam ni ah tunjukan tempat kita.... sumandak masa pi luar dari sabah selalu terjumpa orang yang tanya sabah macam mana tempatnya... skang aku cakap je masuk kat blog ko

Lifecruiser said...

I hope I'll be able to identify it one day when I've been there. Looks wonderful over there, especially when the autumn has come early over here in Sweden. It's on my wish list to go there :-)

Dean James said...

hi life cruiser..how to contact you?

Anonymous said...


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Sweetiepie said...

oh no these places are beautiufl.Can't wait to go home.I am very proud of being sabahan.:)

Anonymous said...


sumandak masa pi luar dari sabah selalu terjumpa orang yang tanya sabah macam mana tempatnya

Map of Sabah

Map of Sabah