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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Keningau..Cinnamon..Keningau..Cinnamon..Kayu Manis..Better Stick to Keningau.

Keningau is located after tambunan if you drive from KK. Now there are two ways to access it. By Penampang-Tambunan road..or by Kimanis Road..Kimanis road is a Shortcut anyway..it takes less time to go there but the road is steep and sloppy..which means you have to be extra careful..

Keningau name is derived from the name of a tree-spice that grows abundantly here long time ago, guess what its cinnamon tree, or Kayu Manis, reknowned for its sweet and aromatic bark used to spice up food. Now you can still see the traces of cinnamon tree growing here and there, though not as many as before.

The weather if hot and humid..in the afternoon its scorching heat..but that maybe due to its location in the middle of an island and surrounded by hills and ranges that makes it a "frying pot". Nevertheless, it still gives you surprises.

The people of keningau are mainly kadazan-dusun, murut and many other races adds to its variety such as chinese, malay, bajau, jawa, lundayeh and even iban and so on..

I would recommend you to visit the "Taman Bandukan" Located at Kg. Bandukan, (Bunsit), Bingkor. It's sure a place to go if you would like to experience of nature beside a river. and Yes, you can swim there.

Next place i can think of is the, "Crocker Range National Park", Which is under "Sabah Parks" too. well, The place is a sure place to go if you would like to experience a night with nature. It provides hostel and lodgings, and camping site.Has a trail for visitors to walk, It also has an exhibition room which is very nice! It contains preserved animals and so on..Butterflies and Moths are abundant and you can see them flying over the lamps at night! Unlike the weather at downtown, Its Coooool here!

It's keningau town from crocker range!

This i took from the exhibition room

Have fun!

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Map of Sabah

Map of Sabah