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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Election Posters

This is what i managed to capture after a busy week with my work..

This is the First Election I voted for..and therefore it was a history for me...at least when people ask me Have you ever voted? My answer definitely would be YES!

yet..I cannot cover many places..I just could snap a few shots in Tambunan-Keningau Area..anyway I hope its worth to post it!

i think you can recognize who is the candidate even though its not clear

where is this?

A wet election day

A contrasting scenario

and the man in the poster won..


Sean E said...

Now that Sabah is solidly behind BN in the 2008 election, The component parties of Sabah BN (PBS, PBRS, SAPP, LDP) should take this golden opportunity to re-visit a never resolve old issue – illegal immigrants gaining citizenship through the back door.

The Sabah voters’ list (especially in the rural areas) is inflated with thousand of voters who a few years back were non-Malaysians. And this is done with the tacit help/encouragement of the federal (UMNO) government. In years to come, the percentage of this former PTI who has became ‘citizen’ and hence voters will increase. This will definitely affect the outcome of future elections.

It is still not too late to compel the federal government to set up a Royal Commission to get to the root of the issue. Arrest and deport those who obtained their Malaysian citizenship illegally. Many of these people has also became instant Bumiputras overnight. Enjoying Bumiputra privileges which non-Bumi can only dream off.

If the component parties of Sabah BN are reluctant to take on this for reasons only known to themselves, the concerned rakyat of Sabah should organized themselves to make this message known to the Federal Government.

Sean E said...


All The Best! said...

sean E...in a way you are true..how to contact you?

Map of Sabah

Map of Sabah