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Friday, March 21, 2008

Flowers in Sabah - Part 1

It has been raining for a few weeks, until today..the sky is blue and I hope this fair condition and weather will continue.

This decides me to post a few flower pictures..though not indigenous to sabah, it still makes sabah a bit more colourful. I may not know all the names (sorry about that) maybe you can suggest what is the name.

 this is allamanda cathartica sp.

 this is bunga balung ayam (scientific name not known)

bunga butang

 cosmos caudatus sp.

 dahlia pinata sp.

 helianthus sp.

 heliconia psittacorum sp.

 hibiscus rosa sinensis

 I dont know this flower

don't be surprised, this is  a type of caterpillar who eats on periwinkle plant, it will eat the stem, the leaves and even the flowers (it is called "tokidi" in kadazandusun language)

Impatiens balsamina sp.

 the small pinkish rose

 I dont know this one..but its quite cheerful

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Map of Sabah

Map of Sabah