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Thursday, December 20, 2007



A trip to tugu peringatan Mat Salleh in Tambunan recently, revealed that the hero's history is still being appreciated and immortalised by the local people.

If you're from KK drive along the road that goes to toboh by using the conventional road (not the shortcut at the kg kinabaan).You will see the Sign Board on your right-hand side..at kg. Tibabar you have to go inside the kampung and the tugu is at the end of the road.

Needless to say, pictures say a thousand words.

there are also a small exhibition room...which potrays a lot of artifacts of mat salleh's rebbelion during the British period

The declaration of independence in year 1963...When Sabah is still on its own..

And to think that all of Mat Salleh's rebellion happened at this very place...AMAZING!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kota Kinabalu City In Picture - Seaside Part 1

Perhaps you may think that Kota Kinabalu is just a place for commercial and business

A walk along the seaside part proved me wrong...

I started my journey from Wawasan Plaza..

The MAA Building

The Spectacular Promenade Hotel

And Found My Way beside the sea....

Pulau Gaya Nun Jauh Disana

I Could almost see fishes

Tropicana Kota Kinabalu

I saw 3 ships

Will be full of food in the evening

And That's the end of my journey in KK...A friend of mine said to me after this "No Wonder People Like to Come to Sabah" well..that wraps up everything

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A stop At Gunung Alab

In the meantime, i managed to find time to stop by at Gunung Alab for a longer period as usual and it gives me the opportunity to snap a few photos...which turned out to be wonderful!

This is the main entrance of the motel

The prices of one room ranges from RM50-RM200.

I managed to find a few rabbits at the back of the motel and they were quite cute.like this one cuddling with itself over the cold.

The motel is quite old but i think still manageable. these few pics bears the outer impression.

Yes, and you can see the South China Sea from there...making it among the highest point in the Penampang-Tambunan road..the sunset views over the sea is breathtaking.

And Once again its time to say goodbye..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


A trip from KK or Penampang to Tambunan must..i Stress MUST pass the Penampang-Tambunan road..which will pass this place..this is where people take a rest and go to the restroom and...take opportunity to inhale the cool and fresh mountain air..


Ahad lalu, saya berkesempatan untuk singgah dan makan di restoran Gunung Emas..makanan OK!
OK sebab kana belanja kan..(NASI GORENG KAMPUNG sama SUP Ham Chai) Ham cHai kah tu??hehe

ada lalat juga tapi x banyak cam di Kundasang..hehejan marah ah orang kundasang..ranau..

mula2 turun dari kereta nampak monyet...aik..telepas dari zoo ka ni?? rupanya memang di situ monyet tinggal..tinggalan nenek moyang gunung emas kali..

 ini  comel

 ini jajal suka panjat pokok

ini x pandai panjat pokok punya monyet

Kedai dia pula macam lama sudah macam itu jak..teda renovate punya. tapi bisnes jalan

Gunung Emas Punya Motel

Ada Tree-top cabin lagi, bila kami pi tingu macam 'haunted house' pula, tapi bila tanya pekerja dia masih OK lagi..
Sewa RM60..buli kali p berbulan madu juga..hehe kampung2..

Cuaca sini sejuk juga ohh..besalah gunung kan...ini point yg paling tinggi jalan penampang-tambunan ni..jadi pas ni turun bukit dah

Oh ya disini pun ada kedai gambar juga pula..ada jual buah2an jugak

Jadi..inilah dia lawatan sa pigi sana Gunung Emas..di sini ada satu lagi Gunung Alab (dulu..dorang bilang ada lagi gunung Tembaga tapi gunung tembaga sudah tutup)..tapi yang sia pigi Gunung Emas saja...


Monday, September 17, 2007


Papar is a town as well as a district located in West Coast Division of Sabah, east Malaysia. Its population in the district was estimated to be around 105,200 in 2006,[1] almost evenly divided between ethnic Kadazan (Limbahau, Kinarut, Kopimpinan, Lakut, Limputung), Dusun (Mondolipau, Koiduan, Ulu Kimanis, Sumbiling Bongawan) and Malay (Pengalat Besar, Pengalat Kecil). It is situated 38 kilometres south of Kota Kinabalu and is one of the stops on the North Borneo Railway line.

Papar means flat or open land, and the area is characterised by low lying coastal areas which extend inland towards the Crocker Range.[1]. Traditionally this was good rice growing land and the flat open paddy fields may have given it the name.

The town is on the bank of the Papar River not far from the sea. There are also areas of tidal wetland that are home to mangrove trees and saltwater palm or nipah.

The town has seen considerable growth in recent years but still preserves some of its older buildings and features, such as the railway station and a large banyan tree. St Joseph's Secondary School stands opposite the station and behind the Catholic Church of St Joseph's. The old town is being renovated either by design or as the result of fires that have destroyed parts of the town.

Other older landmarks have been lost. The rubber plantations that existed on the northern bank of the river were cut down and replaced by the villages of Buang-Sayang and Melugus along with a very large school complex.

Despite repair and refurbishment over the years, the Papar railway bridge looks much as it did in the Second World War. It featured in Allied plans to retake North Borneo from the Japanese. References to it and the Papar River can be found in reports on covert intelligence operations Agas and Semut, and later in attack plans Stallion and Oboe 6. (according to wikipedia)

For me, papar is a nice place. its breezy and windy. I like the mixture of people and food. Yes, it has various types of food and culture.

Its rather modern here. Perhaps to the fact that its nearer to KK. My kampung is located near sawah padi. Its hard to say which is my kampung because its kind of located in the middle of other kampungs. (dambai, pengalat, balailait). but yes, its cosy, quiet and nice.

One more, Papar is my second hometown!

Monday, August 27, 2007

GAYA STREET - An hour in PICs

Recently (yesterday actually), I got the chance to go to Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu...for a very short and impromptu sight seeing...Needless to say..it was as usual- very tangy and entertaining...
Here are some of the pics I managed to snap.

Local Handycrafts sold here

another stall

local (or not-local) plants sold here

this is the nearest 'ratatouille' family i met here

i couldn't manage to find the cats..

exquisite traditional musical instruments on display


sea shells...

titbits...kuih tradisi..

more handicrafts..

paintings on sale


The entrance..and exit as well..seems to wave goodbye to me..for sure i will visit you again..

guess what I end up buying this...a rattan stick which cost me RM 0.70 hehe

so why dont you try experience it for yourself?

Map of Sabah

Map of Sabah