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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Year in a Paddy Field

During my stay in Kg. Papar in Tambunan, I managed to spare some time to catch the progression of the paddy season in pictures.

I am immensely fascinated by how the cycle of the season progressed throughout the year.

Here are the pictures

The above picture was taken in january 2007, the weather's so cold and fresh!
It marked the end of the reaping season and the paddy field was fully harvested.

The harvesting season was over, after remained for a few months, the field was ploughed by machine and more water was irrigated into the field

This is when the paddy seeds had been planted and grew for about 1 month over. (sorry, i missed the moment when the farmers were planting the paddy seeds)
Greenery swept across the field, which is pleasing to the eye of the beholder...
(sejuk mata memandang)

And the last season has come, taken in december, this paddy had richly grown and matured into golden grains, people were rushing to harvest it so that they can celebrate their christmas with ease of mind.

The Harvest marked the blessings and prosperity of the year, which is carried forward to next year. This year's harvest paid their sweat and toils yet celebration in Sabah won't arrived until May the following year! So Save up for the party!

Adieu to 2007, the season shall start again.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, good site, useful articles... Do you know where i could get informations (and good ones) about Sabah South area (Long Pa Sia, the remote Preserved Jungles...) - Thanks heaps, matt


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