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Friday, November 07, 2008

Tambunan Village Resort Centre

Situated along the Pegalan River in Tambunan, that provides accommodation facilities for visitors to Tambunan.

TVRC offers visitors the experience of staying in Traditional-Type chalets made of split bamboo while enjoying the spring-like climate and peaceful nights of Tambunan.

For camera buffs and nature lovers, Tambunan offers the experience of a lifetime to view the world’s largest flower, picnic by crystal clear waterfalls (turns muddy during rainy days), discover local orchids, and climb Sabah’s second highest peak, Mt. Trusmadi. Relax in the fresh mountain climate amidst breath-taking scenery and discover the tradition of the Tambunan Kadazan / Dusun people.

TVRC can assist visitors to visit places of interest around Tambunan through prior arrangement.

Tambunan Village Resort Centre Sdn. Bhd.
W.D.T 24, 89650 Tambunan
Sabah, Malaysia
Tel : +60 087-774076, 774197
Fax : +60 087-774205

Source: http://tvrc.tripod.com/

Ordinary Scenery during Drizzle

This is what you will see if you go at almost any places in Sabah..an ordinary scenery

Map of Sabah

Map of Sabah