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Monday, May 05, 2008

Kaamatan Festival is Here!

Its May again!

And everyone is in the festive season..
the "Kaamatan" has come again.

"Kaamatan" is also known as the "harvest festival", where all sabahans
Regardless of Race, Ethnicity or Religion unite as one to Celebrate this long-awaited Fest!

This Festival is Celebrated in all areas of the state..where District level celebration is held first before the State-Level is celebrated.

It is a two-day holiday for all sabahans..and the date is fixed 30-31st May annually!

Many Activities are held, including the exhibitions, dances, singing competition, and the Much awaited Beauty Pageant or "Unduk Ngadau"..

Here are several pics I managed to get for Last year's State Celebration, Hope You enjoy it!

Papar Dance

Maybe Kudat....

Youngsters Drinking tapai


more dances

the beauties going into the hall

nice smile

Last Year's Winner is among them..can you spot which one?

have a nice festive season!


ammuthalib said...

your article and photos are very informative dude...keep going...

melissasy said...

HI, i really love the pictures you took during the kaamatan, your blog, are perfectly informative to the ppl around the world, can i add u to my link.


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