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Thursday, June 05, 2008

On the Road to Sabah Agricultural Park, Tenom

If you go to this website

They will greet you with this message :

Welcome to Taman Pertanian Sabah ( Sabah Agriculture Park ) Website. You have reached one of the most exciting parks found in Borneo.

Have you ever dreamt of being in nature’s paradise? Taman Pertanian Sabah is a visitor friendly park which offers you more than just any other parks. With its affinity to nature, the park is set against a background of truly natural landscape with lush greenery of the Crocker Range (the longest range in the country) which creates a picture of a beautiful natural park all around. This park is knowledge oriented and recreational. The park also provides an ideal environment for nature-based activities that makes this park a worthy holiday destination. This is an excellent base to expand your knowledge on the taxonomy of plants that fits your taste and needs as well as the perfect escape from urban noise and pollution.

In and around the park are places worth checking out notably:

  • Native Orchid Centre
  • Living Crop Museum
  • Bee Centre
  • Germplasm Collection
  • Ornamental Garden
  • Hoya Garden
  • Evolution Garden
  • Agro-forestry
  • Lake Sapong
  • Lake Rundum
  • Animal Park
  • Jungle Trekking

You can explore many stretches of well laid trails, elaborate display of gardens with great landscaping work, magnificent collection of plants/ flowers, stunning insects and wild birds that will fascinate you to your heart’s content. To get the real excitement and emotional touch of this beautiful park as well as a life-enriching experience to the interior, visit us and rest assured that it will thrill and fascinate you at no end.

Indeed, the place is breathtaking and a must for every visitors who visit Sabah.
My trip, short as it is, was a very enticing one.

I would rather post my original pics rather than just copy paste from the internet. I will post pics throughout my journey from Tenom town right down to the park.

notice the Jalan Lagud Seberang? That's where we gonna go..

Tenom Town Field

the colonial railway still fully utilized but being upgraded

Padas river joined by Pegalan river.It is said that during full moon, crocodiles will gather up at the riverbanks. I have not seen this with my own eyes but perhaps this may be true.

Banana Plantation

Palm Oil Plantation

That's actually paddy field and it should be awesome to look at..sorry guys..i have to take it in a hurry

Cocoa Plantation

Just a few more minutes to go to TPS (taman pertanian sabah) aka Sabah Agricultural Park

So Be Patient

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tanakwagu said...

hemm..entah bila dapat pigi taman pertanian tenom ni. kali2 pun nda jadi rancangan

Map of Sabah

Map of Sabah