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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park Islands (Sapi, Manukan and Mamutik)

Last time, I got a chance to have a day trip to 3 islands near Kota Kinabalu...I am sorry because I cannot give pictures with people in order to protect privacy..

It was an awesome experience because that was my first time to visit an island...

Off we go by a boat...

and we left Kota Kinabalu in anticipation for the day

we were nearing Pulau Sapi..Our first Pulau for the day!

And we reached the jetty at pulau Sapi at Last!

Pulau Sapi at last..there were many tourists at that time..but I still managed to have a happy time

Breathtaking isn't it? whatever u said...I am amazed

and this were the fishes that gathered near the surface of the water when we
threw some titbits onto the water..

more fishes at pulau sapi..after having a short snorkel and walk..we proceeded to Pulau Manukan..

Sorry Less Pictures on pulau manukan

we were having a great time there...snorkelling..here are the pictures of some of those snorkellers..

So many fishes to see..and so many corals..I almost got carried away by the waves but managed to save myself..

rocks in Pulau Manukan


more fishes...

and we went to the last island of the day...

Feeling very tired..Iand there seems to be only a few pics i could give you on this island..

It was late in the afternoon..

this was taken while i was resting on the beach

and that snap wrapped up our memorable day on the Islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park that day..It was so nice..I will find time to go there
again in the future..


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Map of Sabah