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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Papar from Kimanis Road

I got a chance to go to Papar via the new Kimanis road in Western Sabah. I started my journey early in the morning. And it was worth it. Low traffic, smooth journey, though quite a challenging one.

thought it is always a wonderful thing to see beautiful scenery

I almost want to jump and flying straight to the sea

Ahh..Papar at last..yeah still in sabah though I've crossed the famous crocker range

Papar, Sabah, Malaysia
Sorry guys..I was too busy to take shoots of the town :) Too much traffic!
Till then...I'm  gonna post about my journey from Papar to Kota Kinabalu...soon..

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Borneo Falcon said...

I like the scenic drive. Surprise to see KFC at the welcoming board.

Map of Sabah

Map of Sabah