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Friday, January 04, 2008

Kota Marudu

Last christmas i managed to go to Kota Marudu for a short break..
For me Kota Marudu is an average place..Well the township has much room for improvement..and i think it is a great mix of people live there..just like in many parts of sabah..

this is the paddy field picture along the road to the town from taginambur..

and approaching the bridge..

the township building of kota marudu

masih pekan kota marudu, sabah

Bye-Bye Kota Marudu


C A T said...

hi O!
u shud hv captured some nice place around KM instead of the pasar pic, where's the JAGUNG trademark? =D
this site cud B better if u write abt ur real experience abt the place.and hey, u shud highlight d interesting area bah!i.e KM ada sorinsim ma geng!=)

*hino koh noh! =)

Ned said...

ya, agree with cat...
although compare to some district in sabah, kota marudu is consider a newly built town, but, we do have many interesting places to visit..

and dont forget the big JAGUNG... hehehehe...

and for ur info, the more change supermarket near the pasar that u went kan, is among the cheapest price of goods u can get... nda percaya?hehehe....

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Map of Sabah