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Monday, June 16, 2008

Tenom Crocodile Park

Before I went to Sabah Agricultural Park

I managed to drop by at the small and quite hidden 'Tenom Crocodile Park'.

This is not actually a park but just a small "crocodile cage' I would say. This is owned by a family. It is located just nearby the main road a few kilometres before Tenom Town.

I do not have a full body picture of the crocodile because, as I said earlier, "its caged' so these are the best pictures I can give u

the story of how the crocodile is like this, the owner of the house went fishing on a nearby river with a fishing net.

They accidentally caught this crocs and brought it back home. After some time, they took pity on the crocs and return it into the river.

To their surprise, one day the crocs return to the house, you see as the house is nearby a paddy field, the crocs found its way all through from the river when there was a small flood.

So, till then on, the family decided to keep it as a family pet. It is estimated that the age of the crocs are almost equal to its master - an old chinese lady who was in the house at the time of our visit - that must be about 60 years or so!

Besides that there are also some 'miniature creatures' like these

Civet cat?

I bet this one is a poor caged tortoise

till then catch up with you soon!

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Map of Sabah

Map of Sabah