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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kundasang - Views from BTN

People Says "Pictures speak a thousand words"

Therefore, In this entry I would prefer to let these pictures speak for themselves

The majestic mountain

Mount Kinabalu early in the morning


Cool air...nice clouds

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kiulu River, Tamparuli

Hello...Kiulu river is a very popular tourist spot for those who likes white water-rafting..
The water is clear and clean, but on rainy seasons it may turn to chocolate and dark brown
the water flow will be more turbulent..

Nevertheless, it is much safer than rafting in Sungai Padas (Padas River), Sungai = River.

The Kiulu river is an hour and a half by road north of Kota Kinabalu. Take in the magnificent views of the surrounding countryside from the hilltops as you drive to the town of Tamparuli. By the banks of the river, participants assemble for a briefing on safety procedures.

Welcomed by buffaloes...

Getting ready for adventure!

Full with anticipation!

Passed by a "narrow bridge"..up hills are villages..

Rafting is for everyone who has an adventurous spirit!

With headwaters from Mt. Kinabalu, this river provides a Grade II to III experience, suitable for newcomers to this exciting sport. Deep pools punctuate rapids - indulge in body-rafting or swimming.

The river journey is between 1 to 1 ½ hours, depending on river-stage. Picnic by the riverside before returning to Kota Kinabalu.

DO's and DON'T's if u a here..

bring with you towel, a change of clothing, footwear, sunblock, waterproof camera.

wear jewellery, contact lens, watches

Have Fun Rafting! it is an experience not to be missed!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Rice Wine (Tapai) factory in Tambunan

Huh..this might be of interest to you..I browsed my old pictures in my hardisk and found this


(notice that I deliberately put the red color on it)

Rice wine in sabah is affectionately known as "Tapai"!

This factory is located in TVRC

A flow chart on how tapai is made...well..u can read..don't u ever try at home!

a pictorial diagram on how tapai is made...very informative..again..don't try this at home..

this is the traditional equipment used to process the rice..

rice grain is smashed in this smasher called "lesung padi" to separate the husk from the grain..the  rice is put in the centre and smashed using the 'wooden smasher'..i don't know whether to call it smash or squeezed or what - or even if it is the correct word to use..but whatever it is ..the usage is almost like in the mortar used in labs

the other almost-oval-shaped 'thing' is called the tampi...which is woven from thinned bamboo sticks..the function is to let the husk fall while retains the rice grain in it..the mechanism is simply by moving the 'sifter' 
up and down..preferably in windy condition..trust me i've tried it!

the rice grain is then cooked and turned into tapai!

The two 'chinese-styled' Jar is called "tempayan" in malay or "tajau" in local dialect: to be true KadazanDusun...or better still: Pokok Tajau...I forgot the other names..siopon? correct me?

I am not going to explain on the "ancient looking" backsack..more...but it is called 'basung' and used to carry the rice grains during harvesting season in the paddy field...ancient it may look like but it is very efficient..you can even put a toddler inside..and carry him on your back!

ok...empty jars..

ok.. this is the ripening fruit..

apples to the drinkers eye!

the rice wine
will make u go dizzy and sometimes 'crazy'! A Very popular drinks in the interior part of sabah

To end my post

..i would like to post you a picture of a very famous animal
which is I feel on the verge of extinction in sabah..not due to poaching but due to intermittent theft and lack of attention..
would like WWF to put this on endangered list because its meat is the most
sought after in wedding and grand ceremonies...pity you Mr.Buff!

shy and endangered!

Till then happy sipping and have a nice day!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park Islands (Sapi, Manukan and Mamutik)

Last time, I got a chance to have a day trip to 3 islands near Kota Kinabalu...I am sorry because I cannot give pictures with people in order to protect privacy..

It was an awesome experience because that was my first time to visit an island...

Off we go by a boat...

and we left Kota Kinabalu in anticipation for the day

we were nearing Pulau Sapi..Our first Pulau for the day!

And we reached the jetty at pulau Sapi at Last!

Pulau Sapi at last..there were many tourists at that time..but I still managed to have a happy time

Breathtaking isn't it? whatever u said...I am amazed

and this were the fishes that gathered near the surface of the water when we
threw some titbits onto the water..

more fishes at pulau sapi..after having a short snorkel and walk..we proceeded to Pulau Manukan..

Sorry Less Pictures on pulau manukan

we were having a great time there...snorkelling..here are the pictures of some of those snorkellers..

So many fishes to see..and so many corals..I almost got carried away by the waves but managed to save myself..

rocks in Pulau Manukan


more fishes...

and we went to the last island of the day...

Feeling very tired..Iand there seems to be only a few pics i could give you on this island..

It was late in the afternoon..

this was taken while i was resting on the beach

and that snap wrapped up our memorable day on the Islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park that day..It was so nice..I will find time to go there
again in the future..

Map of Sabah

Map of Sabah